Before buying your puppy or rehoming a dog

Before buying your puppy or rehoming a dog

Do your research!!

Find out everything you can about the breed of dog you want, temperament, health problems, exercise, and what they were originally bred to do. Just because the dog is small does not mean they will be the ideal lap dog!

The cost involved: vet bills, insurance, training, food, boarding kennels, dog walkers/day care, grooming, crate, walking equipment, toys, beds.
Living space: Is your garden secure? Does your landlord allow pets? Where will they sleep, eat etc?
Family: does everyone want a dog? Are you all committed to feeding, walking, training them for the lifetime of the dog?

Research your breeder and ask them questions: Are they registered? How many dogs do they breed from? Where are they housed? Can you see both parents? Can you see the pup with the mum?
How does your pup interact with littermates/mum/humans: Are they well cared for, clean, vaccinated, etc? Are they prepared to provide a full history of your pup’s socialisation?

If you are rehoming a rescue dog, can the centre provide any history? Do they have a behaviour assessment? What training have they had and what methods were used?

Finally remember your cute little ball of fur will grow…very fast, they will pee, poop and puke, chew anything left lying around, wake you at night, and have shark teeth for at least 6 months, they are not pre-programmed to do as you want, and you will need to commit to training them. But they will give you a lifetime of joy, unconditional love, companionship, the warmest welcomes (even if you have been gone for just 2 minutes), improve your mental health, encourage you to get fit, warm your bed and give you the best cuddles ever! Is a dog worth it, absolutely!!